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The Best Concealed Carry Firearm of 2021


Choosing the right concealed carry firearm can be difficult. Which is why you should choose the best concealed carry firearm of 2021.

Americans hold their second amendment right up as a symbol of the freedoms that define the nation. As such, firearm and ammunition sales reached nearly $2 billion in 2020.

This is no surprise when you consider that more than 3 million concealed carry licenses have been issued in the last 3 years. If you are thinking about becoming one of the many licensed carriers, you'll need a great firearm.

Firearms designed for concealed carry are unique. They are lightweight, slim-bodied, and compact in order to make concealment easy and comfortable. The best concealed carry firearm can be difficult to find if you are inexperienced.

So how do you know where to start on the search for the best concealed carry options for you? Read on to find out.

Best Concealed Carry Firearm

It is important to know at the outset of this list that all 50 states in the U.S. allow some version of concealed carry. The difference between states lies in the permitting laws. Each state falls into one of these categories of concealed carry permit laws:

  • Unrestricted
  • Shall-issue
  • May-issue

It is imperative that you know your state's permit laws and always abide by them. Do the research to ensure that you are always staying within the limits of the laws near you before purchasing a gun.

On with the firearms.

SIG Sauer P365

This is one of the most common concealed carry firearms on the market. It is an excellently built slim-bodied and lightweight firearm that is comfortable to carry for long stretches of time.

The comfortable grip, superior trigger pull, and soft recoil make holding and firing this gun easy as well. Everything about the build of this gun seems designed for comfort.

But don't be fooled. With its signature SIG Sauer accuracy, 10+1 round capacity, and patented X-Ray3 day/night sighting system, the P365 offers a top-of-the-line firing experience.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ 2.0 (.380 or 9mm)

This is another single stack firearm, making its slim design perfect for concealed carry gun owners.

The EZ line of the popular Shield firearms from Smith & Wesson features smooth slide action, making it easier to rack and cycling without much effort or a particularly strong grip. For anyone with a weaker grip, this feature makes this gun extremely accessible.

A grip safety (and the option to add an external safety) adds extra security and peace of mind. These features make the EZ a great option for newer or less experienced gun owners.

The 9mm model of this firearm is very popular. But the .380 caliber model comes with a narrower slide to make it all the easier to conceal comfortably all day.

Glock G43X

Glock's 2019 release is a single-stack 9mm with a 10+1 stack magazine capacity. It was designed to combine the capacity of the Glock 26 and the thin, comfortable grip of the Glock 43, all while shortening the footprint of the gun for concealment ease.

This is another slim gun that is easy and comfortable to carry all day. It comes with all of the other design features standard to all Glock pistols, like the lightweight polymer frame housing and the simplistic striker-fire design.

This is a great concealed carry option if you prefer Glock firearms in other shooting scenarios.

Springfield Hellcat

This gun boasts both the shortest barrel (3 inches) and the highest capacity (11+1) of the bunch. Of course, that capacity means a double-stack design and a slightly wider grip.

One feature this gun boasts is the ability to add a sight variant. The slide is cut to accept a sight mount if it suits you. A rail on the front of the barrel means you can add other accessories like lights and lasers as well.

Walther CCP M2

As one of the most consistently high-quality gun manufacturers in the world, Walther offers this 8+1 capacity 9mm option for the concealed carry gun owner. It is slightly longer than some of the other options on the page with a 3.5 inches barrel.

This gun features Walther's SoftCoil gas technology designed to significantly soften recoil. It also boasts the most comfortable grip of the group. Walther's ergonomics are second to none in the industry.

This gun has a firing experience that is perfect for any gun owner, especially those with weaker or smaller hands. 

Taurus GC2

Here is an option for the budget-conscious gun owner. At roughly half the price of many of the firearms listed here, the GC2 offers a reliable firing experience and an increased capacity.

This gun has a 12+1 double-stack capacity that, while making for a wider build than some of its counterparts, can be handy.

While you lose a couple of the features the higher-priced options offer (a decocker, for one), the value is hard to ignore for a well-built concealment firearm.

Ruger LC9

Ruger's contribution to the concealed carry semiautomatic family of pistols is the LC9. It is another extremely lightweight option that makes for easy carrying.

This pistol has a crisp trigger for very quick firing and accurate shooting. With a 7+1 single-stack magazine capacity, this gun may fall short of some of the others in the category. But its firing experience and extended grip comfort make it worth your consideration.

Ruger LCR

If you prefer the feel and experience of a revolver, the Ruger LCR may be the gun for you. As one of the favorite .38 special options on the market for more than a decade, this gunis a mainstay in the concealed carry world.

This and other revolvers have an angled grip designed to put less strain on your hand and wrist, and help to manage recoil with ease. There are other advantages to carrying a revolver instead of a semi-automatic pistol. Consider these before making your purchase.

Choose Wisely

Your concealed carry firearm is likely to on that you'll have with you most often. It is the gun you are most likely to fire outside of either the range or your home. 

Concealed carry is becoming a bigger part of our society and with your permit in hand, it will become a bigger part of your own daily experience, which is why you should choose the best concealed carry firearm of 2021.

Head over to our products pages to find the right gun or gun accessory for you and your second amendment life.

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