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Are You A New Gun Owner? Consider Taking Our NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course


If you are a new gun owner then you should consider taking our NRA basics of pistol shooting course to help become for familiar with your gun.

In a year of turmoil, 2020 also saw the purchase of firearms spike. Some 1.8 million guns were sold as of September, according to Small Arms Analytics

That's the highest total ever in new arms sales in the United States. Handguns themselves increased from 2019 by 81%. So if you are a new gun owner who has not taken a firearms safety course or a home defense course, you should consider it.  

The importance of these courses offered by the National Rifle Association, now moderated online by certified instructors due to the pandemic, is paramount. 

They'll not only teach you how to care for your new gun properly but how to make sure that you don't harm yourself, your family, or others unduly. 

The following article will discuss some of these courses and what the new gun owner will get out of these courses.

Why the NRA?

You'll find the NRA is an invaluable resource for purchasing a gun and training with it afterward. While sometimes more well-known for their defense and promotion of the Second Amendment and political actions, the National Rifle Association is first and foremost a vehicle for firearms appreciation and instruction.

The organization has offered firearms training since its founding in 1871. It trains millions of gun owners each year. The NRA offers courses in gun safety, home protection, and marksmanship. 

Also, the NRA is the gold standard for instructor certification, and more than 125,000 people have qualified for NRA certification and are willing to help with your firearm education.

New Gun Owner Safety Course

According to Joe DeBergalis, an executive director with the NRA, the organization thinks all new gun owners should be "training at the range, but that doesn't mean you can't get a head start" by learning about gun safety in the home.

That's why the group offers both an in-person and online NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course. This seminar will cover how to handle your firearm properly. It will also cover how to clean and care for your new handgun. Also, you'll learn how to keep it out of the hands of young people who could mishandle the gun.

The seminar also covers what locks to consider and where to keep your ammunition. 

The Basics of Home Protection

You can't understate the importance of these courses for the new gun owner. If you are in a position where you need to point your pistol at someone else, you should know how to handle the firearm not only to keep your family safe.

Taking a life or wounding someone with a handgun isn't something anyone should take lightly. The act can change your life in an instant.

Action Armory courses can help you achieve the knowledge and skills necessary for handling your gun and make crucial life-saving decisions. 

For the Fun of Shooting

The best thing about these courses for the new gun owner is that the certified instructor will impress upon them their passion for marksmanship and gun ownership. These NRA classes are not a simple safety course but a door into a new world of an exciting pastime. 

Are you ready to take an NRA safety course? Contact us today to get started.

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