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8 Common Gun Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Finding the right gun for your needs requires knowing what can hinder your progress. Here are common gun shopping mistakes and how to avoid them.

Whether it's because of growing civil unrest or an effect of the pandemic, gun sales in the U.S continue to increase. Last year, January sales were up to 60% (4,137,480 sales), and there were 5 million first-time buyers in 2020.

Are you also looking to buy a gun? If so, this article is for you! Here are eight common gun shopping mistakes to look out for!

1. Skipping the Learning Phase

Before you go on a whim and buy one for yourself, take your time to learn the basics. Get to know the parts of a gun, how to use it, and how to ensure safety when the gun is in use. 

It's also important to understand how to maintain guns. For example, how should you take it apart, clean it, and oil it?

If you can't spare time to learn how to handle guns, then you're not ready to buy one. You owe it to yourself and those around you to invest in learning about the weapon before owning one.

Action Armory offer a firearm consultation that discuss these topics. 

2. Forgetting About the Law

Since there are different rulings, many consumers don't realize they're buying guns that are illegal in their state. This mistake is largely linked to consumers forgetting to learn about local gun laws as a prerequisite to gun shopping. 

Under federal law, it's prohibited to sell firearms to citizens who live in another state. However, some states allow the purchase, such as Texas. As per Texas law, Texans can buy firearms from another state.

Do note that while you can buy firearms from other states, there are still certain laws that you need to follow. For instance, while you can buy an AR-15 barrel, it must be 16 inches or shorter.

Meanwhile, most states allow the use of standard capacity two-round magazines. Other states have different rulings. Often, the capacity is highly limited, and a fixed magazine is a must.

3. Not Doing Your Research and Buying on a Whim

It's tempting to enter a local gun shop and buy a new gun on a whim. Yet, doing so is a gamble considering the legal restrictions on guns and the difference in need.

For instance, you might find yourself needing a tactical rifle instead of the single-shot rifle you bought. There's a high chance that the actual feature you want and need from a gun isn't present on the one you bought out of whim.

To avoid gun shopping mistakes such as this, read reviews, attend gun showcases, and read firearm buying guides. If you've got questions, get in touch with experts to gain more insights. There are also many firearm forums that you can join.

You're better off researching the types of guns, specific manufacturers, and the likes. This way, you get to understand your needs as well as financially prepare.

4. Buying the Cheapest Gun You See

When you're browsing online, it can be tempting to click on firearm deals. However, the cheapest deal is never the best option for firearms.

Guns are expensive assets, considering the complexity of their mechanism to ensure accuracy and safety. Thus, if you find a gun on sale for an unreasonably low price, ask why. 

Often, cheaper means there were corners cut during the production of the firearm. It may be that the specs are lower, or it has a poor manufacturing tolerance. Such can cause jams and misfires, which can result in grave accidents.

Never look for cheap deals, and opt to research the average cost of the type of gun you want. It also helps to assess whether the website or the gun shop is legit. Browse through previous customer feedback and look for their license as well.

This also applies when you're sourcing parts for your gun. Whether you need a spare, replacement, or an upgrade, the time will come when you'll have to source parts. When the need arises, don't grab whatever is the cheapest part available.

5. Prioritizing Coolness More Than Functionality

Guns make a beautiful collection, especially when you opt for customized ones. However, unlike in mobile games, the most effective weapon isn't the biggest or strangest item in the shop.

Hence, avoid buying a gun just because you like how it looks. Instead, dig deeper into its firing mechanism, stopping power, and reliability. Focus on how that certain gun can serve the purpose you got it for in the first place.

6. Mistaking Expensive as the Best

Although you should expect to pay more when buying guns, it doesn't mean that expensive ones are the best. In the firearm industry, expensive is often associated with the firearm's beauty and rarity.

Yet being beautiful and rare doesn't mean that the gun has exceptional performance. It can be that the finishing used in the gun is expertly milled from a block of 1050 steel but has a very low tolerance. So it boils down to checking out the mechanism, reliability, and similar features of the gun.

7. Overlooking Gun Accessories

Don't walk into a local gun shop thinking that you'll only need to buy the firearm itself. Some accessories are a must-have so that your gun will be more functional.

You may want a different grip for your Glock. Carrying a handgun also requires the need for holsters or a carrying case or bag.

You'll also have to buy extra magazines, ammo, and eye and ear protection. Hence, make room for the expenses you'll spend on buying gun accessories.

8. Neglecting to Consider Gun Maintenance

There's no such thing as a naturally long-lasting tool, equipment, facility, or weapon. The make and finish of the gun can be from easy-to-clean materials. Yet, the real key to a full life lies in how well owners maintain their guns.

Even expensive hand-tailored can't go issue-free without regular cleaning. As such, make sure to check out cleaning tools and products when you shop for guns.

Save Yourself From These Gun Shopping Mistakes

Newcomers and long-time gun aficionados alike commit these gun shopping mistakes. Fortunately for you, you've done well to look up not just the mistakes but also how to avoid them. So make sure to follow our gun shopping recommendations to avoid having regrets!

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