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Concealed Carry for Women: A Guide to Staying Safe and Discreet

Gun ownership and concealed carry for women is currently on the rise. It is estimated that one in five women own a gun and you could be one of them.  Owning a gun is a huge responsibility that has many benefits. You can feel much safer while carrying a gun with never even having to actually use it. It is better to have a gun and not need one, then not have a gun and need one.  Guns are now even designed to be easier for women to carry and conceal. They make lighter, slimmer, and have less recoil guns so women can be comfortable with their firearm. If you're looking for how to choose a firearm, keep it discreet, and learn the basics of self-defense, then keep reading our ultimate guide for all you need to know. How to Choose a Firear...  Read More

Why Carry a Gun? 7 Real Reasons to Carry a Concealed Firearm

Gun control and gun control rights is a hot topic right now. With more mass shootings and violence than ever before in our history, there are those who think the answer is to remove guns from licensed, law-abiding citizens. This is not the answer! Why carry a gun? As Americans, we need to exercise our right to bear arms and one way to do that is through a concealed carry permit. There are several reasons why concealed carry is good for the country and for you.  Let's explore 7 of them here.  Self Protection  The number one reason to carry a concealed weapon is for your own protection. This is not a license to kill, and most who carry do not view it as such. Just knowing you have it makes you feel safer, and revealing it during an att...  Read More